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Below are the basic instructions for setting up your account for email, shell access, and FTP services. While we do not support the operating system or the software that is used on them, we will be more than happy to assist with any connectivity issues you have using the services we provide. Directly below are the basic settings for email, DNS and server information. You may bookmark this for your reference if you like.

If you need to contact us for general support outside of these areas, please contact us.

DNS Servers

  • Primary DNS: ┬á


  • Primary site:
  • Stats for hosted websites: Delivered by Google Analytics at your request

E-Mail POP3/IMAP Access

If you use an E-Mail client such as Eudora, Entourage, Mail, or Outlook [Express], Use these settings to configure your account.

  • Incoming POP3 Server –
  • Outgoing SMTP Server –
  • IMAP Server –

POP Account

Your username is your full email account, and your password is the password selected when your account was created. Use the SMTP authentication to use our mail system if you are not able to use your Internet Providers SMTP server (enter in your full email address and password for authentication credentials in your account setup). You may use SSL security if you wish as well.


IMAP Account

Use the same information as above for your username and password, however choose IMAP as your account type.

IMAP or POP3? – Which is for me?

If you use one primary computer for your email, then POP3 is a good option for you. You also have the ability to use our webmail if you are away from your primary computer. If you use multiple computers, or have a HipTop/SmartPhone you collect your messages, then IMAP may be the solution for you. IMAP syncs the messages between the devices setup with the IMAP account, and are stored on the server until you delete them from one of the devices with the IMAP settings.



Access your POP3 or IMAP email account anywhere you have access to a web-browser. Our webmail application ( allows you to view your mail anywhere, even without your primary computer. Our webmail also integrates Google Maps, Traffic reports and a host of other useful features.
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