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Do you know what your website needs?

If you’re needing to build a new website for your business, give your existing site a significant overhaul to support eCommerce or put a new face on it, Silicon Computers can help. From standard packages to complete custom builds, we can work with you to build a solution to meet your needs and budget.

-Social Media Sharing Options
-Homepage Slideshow
-Mobile Device Compatible/Viewable
-Photo Gallery
-Newsletter Sign Up
-Customized Contact Form
-A Calendar Widget
-A Blog Page
-Event Managers
-Guest Book Sign-up
-Forum Functionality*
-eCommerce  Shopping Cart
-Complete custom solutions for your needs


As you see there are many options, I examine each option while trying to educate the customer on each option’s benefits and the impact a particular option will have to the project’s long term success.

When an inquiry is made as to how much a WordPress website costs, communicating exactly what your needs are is a key factor for receiving the right price. What I mean here is that different clients have different needs and goals. Consecutively each WordPress website will be different and almost never the same as the previously built website. So the more detailed you are about your expectations the more accurate the quote you get will be. That also ensures best value for the money spent and the best ROI. To be upfront with clients who are shopping for a WordPress website here is what a WordPress website cost and what comes with it. The packages are as follows, with their corresponding price ranges:

1. Basic WordPress Website. This package includes a website with latest version of WordPress installed, up to 10 pages, social media sharing options throughout the website, mobile device compatible, one website design (custom selected), one custom-built contact form, a newsletter sign up form, two hours of WordPress training, one year of free hosting and domain registration. This package would be perfect for somebody who is just starting up and needs to have a simple website as a point of reference.  Updates may be done by the customer, or by Silicon Computers on a monthly maintenance fee, or per-instance updates at a billable hourly rate, with a 30 minute minimum. The average cost is $1,750-$2,400, depending on complexity and content.

2. Standard WordPress Website. This package includes everything listed in the Basic option, plus up to 18 total pages.  Also included is up to 2 hours per month of maintenance during the first year. The standard package would be right for somebody who wants to get more hands on and use the website to promote what they do, rather than just leave it there unchanged for a period of six months to a year. The price for a standard WordPress website ranges from $2,500-$3,300.

3. eCommerce WordPress Website. This package includes the items above, plus a slide show on the homepage, one custom built contact form, a newsletter sign-up, two hours of WordPress training, a configured shopping cart with PayPal integration, product photo-shoot** and image edit, and a branded Twitter page so that it matches your brand. This package would be ideal for a beginning or intermediary business that has a niche product.  The price for a WordPress eCommerce website with all the elements listed above ranges from $3,500-$7,000, depending on number of products Silicon Computers loads into the shopping cart.

4. Custom Website Development. You need a website designed to manage tasks not available within WordPress, such as membership management, custom database work or otherwise functionality tailored to your business needs.  Silicon Computers does offer an application called Traction, to help with your maintenance and membership needs.  It can typically be integrated into your existing website built on a LAMP platform, or your site can be converted to a LAMP site to benefit from Traction.  Pricing for custom work is project specific, but typically runs at $100.00/hr.  Please contact us for custom work requests!

* Forum software requires an annual subscription to the well-known vBulletin, and would be scoped separate from packages above.

** Photo shoot available in local area, or working with a photographer of choice in your area, Price from independent photographer not included in above pricing

*** Logo design is available.  Please note you require a logo design upon consultation.


Contact us today to talk about your website needs. We have a variety of solutions to fit MOST budgets!

As you can probably see, the price ranges vary quite a bit, just as they should considering everyone has different tastes, wants, and budgets when it comes to building a website.

Please be prepared to note the exact specifications for the project, how many pages you require, how many forms, what functionality, etc. This step ensures that the work is properly scoped out and parts have not been missed.  It will also help guard against added billing to cover items that were not scoped originally.

As always, if you have a question, please let me  know, and I’ll reply promptly.

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