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St Croix Yacht Club

The St. Croix Yacht Club is one of our oldest clients. Dating back to about 2000, this site started as an informational site about the club and how to join. As technology and the integration with a LAMP back-end became more feasible, they added a small ‘Members Only’ portion with party information and primary contacts.

Starting in 2011, they now offer a full web-based roster management tool for handling all of the roster/membership duties from simple tasks like member maintenance, up to handling the accounting tasks, statement and roster generation with the click of a button, and looking ahead to online sign-up for parties later this year.

Most of the content has been migrated into a custom built CMS for their needs, along with security levels and access for membership types, site admins and back-end members to manage their tasks.

This is a great case study of how an organization that has been around for decades has taken the leap into the technology world and adopted the integration of technology into existing processes to save time, improve usability and attract new visibility online!

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