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Residential Services


You are moving and you have boxes and boxes of your possessions to unpack and arrange to continue with your life. The last thing you need to be concerned with is setting up access to the Internet. Make an appointment with us at a time convenient for you, we can even show up the day of your move to set up your Internet access and give you the ability to order pizza online to feed your friends that helped you move!


Maybe you need a little more involved setup in your new home, such as a hardline run to your garage, workshop or other location on your property.  We can help with this cabling as well when involving the proper utility companies if digging is needed.


Spyware and Virii can be hard to deal with and frustrating to say the least. While we use your standard off-the-shelf tools and applications to attempt to remove the root causes, we also have a number of other tips and tricks to look for the troubles. Once cleaned up, we can show you various ways to help avoid infections in the future. The only computer immune from Spyware and Virii is a computer with no access to the Internet or external media such as disk, CDs and USB drives. We can help you be a safer and more knowledgeable surfer.

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