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Online Services


BitShift Consulting offers an array of online services from simple tasks such as hosting your email account to more complicated tasks such as hosting your company’s web-application or CRM toolkit. Listed below are just a few of the services that we offer. Because there are so many variations and grey areas with each topic, don’t be afraid to contact us to request more information about a particular service.


Web Hosting

We offer three distinct web-hosting packages to choose from, each one geared for a different type of client, but all carry an array of features and are priced to fit your finances. Our servers are based on a Unix platform delivering you a highly reliable and secure environment for your web site. Our packages feature options such as PHP support along with MySQL database integration to support your database needs. In addition, we also offer real-time stats generation so you can see who is spending time on your site and when. If you are looking for a provider with reliability and stability, you need to look no further. With redundant drive arrays, tape backups, secondary mirroring of all critical systems and backup power sources, you can be assured that your data will be online and ready when your potential customers are.


Email Hosting

Hosting your company’s E-mail has never been easier. With spam filtering, POP3/IMAP and web-based options, you can access your email from anywhere on the globe such as your desk, mobile phone or a Caribbean island Tiki-bar. We can manage your forwarding, aliases and just about any other email related hosting issues. In addition to E-mail, our email platform also serves as a group-share for documents, calendars, and other resources. No need to purchase an Exchange server when you can have all the main offerings at a fraction of the price! *E-mail services hosted by G-Suite.  BitShift is a registered partner of G-Suite services.


DNS Management

The base of any web hosting is DNS management. We can manage your domain needs from the annual purchase of the name down to the records for your email, primary, secondary and other sub-domains you need. You simply tell us the name you currently would like to transfer or let us know what name you would like and we can take it from there and bundle all of the management and billing into one simple package for you. The first year of domain registration and setup fees are included in any of our web design packages, excluding hourly rate work. There is a $50.00 one time fee to process incoming our outgoing domain configuration if you do not have a web hosting package, or not specified otherwise in your contract.


* Based on historical uptime of 99% averaged over the last year. BitShift Consulting has no control over the service levels of our upstream providers and cannot be held liable for losses incurred by connectivity issues beyond our control. (Ex: lightning strikes a TelCo Central Office that handles our data-routing, or utility company digging thru the data lines underground)

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