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BitShift Consulting has been building computers since 1997, that is how we got our start and is still something we love doing. We are authorized AMD, Intel, Seagate, Western Digital, IBM and Cisco vendors.

Every system we build comes standard with LCD/LED displays with DVI/HDMI input for the ultimate in clarity and quality images. We also include a CD/DVD+RW drive and SATA drives. We use Windows 7 Professional on all of our systems and compliment that with the latest version of OpenOffice, iTunes and Mozilla Firefox, along with your other basic tools as well as ensuring you have a copy of all CDs and drivers on the hard drive for future use. We can also install additional software upon request for your business needs such as Quickbooks, Peach Tree or provide assistance for any proprietary systems.

While it is nearly impossible to list all of the different hardware and software configurations we could use, simply let us know your request.  Many times, it is more cost-effective to use our resources with Dell to build a computer to your needs at the server level and when future scalability is needed.

Feel free to contact us we can work with you to meet your hardware needs. We have a number of resources to pool from to get you the hardware you need.

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