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Consulting Services


Software Consulting: If your company is just starting out and looking for solid solutions from the ground up, or you are looking to expand your existing environment, we can help. We look both at the commercial end of software as well as the emerging Open Source options. We will try, when possible to suggest Open Source solutions for your situations as they are of no cost, and typically are more featured than the similar commercial product.


Hardware and Networking Solutions: In today’s market, whatever your trade, you need to have reliable hardware backing your business to get ahead. We at BitShift Consulting realize the need for quality, durable hardware. Off the shelf ‘box-store’ PC’s are OK for the average home user, but are rarely designed with the business user in mind. The workstations and servers we custom build for you have contained the same core components we’ve built for the last 10 years. Those are quality parts. We are authorized resellers of Intel, AMD, Western Digital and Seagate to name a few, and we solely rely on the Dell series of hardware at the heart of your machine. When it comes to networking, we bring more top names to the table. Partnering with Cisco, we have the capacity to build you a rock-solid network to manage your businesses wired and wireless connections as well as route dedicated data lines to your business. Our networks utilize Cisco networking hardware, why should your business use anything less?


Systems Administration: If you are a smaller company, you may have someone in your staff that can manage setting up a new user, or replacing a printer toner, but they may not be adept at the higher-level administration tasks such as backup rotations, security updates and implementations and troubleshooting various problems that arise. We provide either on-site or remote systems administration services ranging from managing users and Active Directory issues on your Windows servers from our offices, up to working with a product vendor to restore an operating image on a proprietary E-mail/Virus filtering device at your companies location. Utilizing remote administration resources, we can perform the work on your systems during off-peak hours, and not cause a disruption to daily productivity when possible.

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