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Business Services


BitShift Consulting provides professional consulting services.  Every Company has those ‘bits’ of technology that may not warrant a full-time staffer.  Shift those tasks over to BitShift! Build, install, and manage your network, workstations, web server and other office appliances. Develop and maintain your Company website, BitShift can do that too.  


Additionally, BitShift also offers creative services for photo and video work.  Do you have a corporate seminar or event to be filmed?  Do you need interviews from customers about your fantastic products or services?  We can do that too!


If you are looking for a service that we don’t have listed, please contact us, as we have a wide network of resources and referrals


Please click below for more detailed descriptions of our business services:


Web Services

  • We offer everything from basic site design for a simple website, through complex database driven websites built to manage membership, products, or inventory.

Consulting Services

  • If you are looking for a direction to pursue on your next office upgrade, need to design and implement from the ground up, or work with a part-time systems administrator, we can help.

Software Consulting

  • We take a look at your current needs, future growth, and business goals and work with you to implement a structure that works for you.

Networking Services

  • Going wireless in your office? Adding more workstations to your network? Moving your office? If any of the previous questions apply to you, we can help.

Hardware Services

  • If you are in the market to upgrade or replace workstations in your office or possibly look at a new server, BitShift Consulting is at your service. As an authorized dealer of component brand names you recognize, we strive to build high quality, reliable machines that are priced at or below the competition.
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