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Server Outage – 3/7/2015


From time to time, the provider that is hosting the email and website services for BitShift undergoes routine maintenance.  Coming up late this week is one of those scheduled windows where they will be updating the host servers.  During this time, web sites and email will be down for a short period of time.   This time could last up to two (2) hours, however is mentioned it will be typically only a few minutes to apply the updates and restart the server.
These times are as follows:
* 2015-03-07 4:00:00 AM UTC – mailbox   (10pm Central)
* 2015-03-07 8:00:00 PM UTC – web         (2pm Central)
Please be advised that services may be unavailable for a short window on the 7th.  No data will be lost, and any emails trying to be received by the mailserver will retry and result in a delivery to you.  However, and messages you attempt to send may show an error and remain in your outbox if trying to send during this time.
Please contact me if you have any issues/concerns.
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