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Western MN Steam Threshers

Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion has been a pro-bono client of Silicon for about 3 years now. Starting with an old, non SEO friendly website, one of the WMSTR volunteers designed a new layout, and a Developer at Silicon build the back-end, including a one-off custom member management tool that spurred his new product “Traction”.  It allows members to submit vital information that pertains to the show and, allows Admins easy access to review and input this data.

WMSTR also has an E-Commerce site that was brought to life in 2008 as well.. Starting only selling DVD’s and Showbook, they now sell the annual showbook, clothing and other WMSTR related items online.

In addition, WMSTR has a tremendous Social Media exposure.  Between Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, there are over 2000 followers of all ages, from all over the US and other Countries as well.  the WMSTR experience is a great example how a non-profit organization benefited from the tools and capacities of Silicon.  All of the development resources, hosting and fees are given at no charge to this organization.

Overall, the contributions Silicon Computers has made to the site has helped generate more visibility online, attracting new and different visitors, and also helped its Membership handle their administrative tasks more efficiently.

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