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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

General Information. BitShift Consulting is dedicated to protecting your personal privacy, and the privacy of any information that you share with us. We may log information, such as username and IP address for security reasons and for authentication. However, we will never distribute or sell your personal data to third-party organizations in any way. 
Personal Information. BitShift Consulting will collect personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, gender, birth date, email address, social security number, and credit card number in order to create an account for you on our billing and customer management system. This information is used for the verification of account information and to process payments for service, or collection of debts. At no other time, will you be asked to provide your full SSN or credit card information on our website, nor should anyone request that you provide this information to them over the telephone other than the last 4 digits of your SSN for account verification
Data Security. BitShift Consulting will take appropriate measures to ensure that users personal data is not compromised, or shared with other parties. Some of our online systems may request a username and password to access them, however, nowhere else on your Internet travels, should you be asked for your BitShift Consulting username and password. We do NOT monitor data security on sites other than our own. You should always be careful when being asked for your username or password while online. If you feel at any time that there is unauthorized activity on your account, please contact us to change your password.
Other Issues. BitShift Consulting will not be held responsible for data security issues on systems/sites that are not explicitly owned and operated by BitShift Consulting. We cannot be responsible for end-user security, or for any attempts made by other parties to access end-user systems or gain access to by unauthorized methods.
Service Level – (SLA) We strive for 24/7 uptime but realize that is not always possible due to external circumstances. We will adhere to the same service level as our upstream provider. If there is a connectivity or systems issue, we will respond within (and usually less than) 4 hours from the reported issue. If there are more severe issues upstream we will relay those to you.
Monitoring. BitShift Consulting does not monitor the data flow to end-user systems, and will not be held liable for any information sent or received across our network. If it is brought to our attention that there is illegal activity being practiced on our networks, we will provide information to any State, Local, or Government parties involved.
Appropriate Content. BitShift Consulting prohibits the storage of any illegal or pirated software on our computer systems, as well as any questionable adult-oriented material. While we cannot speak for the email data transmitted thru our network, we stand firm on appropriate and legal content. Any credible information that we receive pertaining to users participating in the act of software piracy or other illegal transfer of data will be dealt with in conjunction with our TOS agreement (this document).


Updated Oct, 2018
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