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Mail Server Swap

2011-02-08-UPDATE: During the upgrade, the configuration setting to use port 587 for SMTP did not carry over and needed to be reset today after being discovered. This was updated by 3pm this afternoon and sending mail via port 587 is now working as expected.

Our E-mail service was offline for about 30 minutes tonight from 9:00-9:30PM CST while we swapped out mail server hardware. We had been running on a backup machine, and we returned to our primary machine for mail.

We shall monitor this for the next day or two and ensure everything is operating as normal.

IMPACT: The only impact you may notice is a slight delay in receiving email that would have come i during this time. At the present time, we see mail flowing in and out of the server as expected.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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