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Security/Firewall Special – $725.00 (+ tx)

Don’t leave your office or home vulnerable to Spyware, Virii and Malware. – Next to hardware failure, software vulnerability is a top point of failure for PC’s today. Why not protect yourself? – Sure, you may have an AntiVirus and/or Spyware program installed on your computer, but if the bit gets to your PC in the first place, your sosoftware may not always be protected.

Using a dedicated hardware firewall, with full customizable software provides that extra layer of security between you, and the outside world. With features such as Intrustion detection, Spam, Phishing and Web filtering, this is a great option to add to your network. Also included is an extensive reporting package, along with Mac and PC compatible OpenVPN support for secure, remote access.

The only requirements are a static IP on your network, either on your external network from your Provider, os behind your Providers router or DSL modem, depending on your topology.

The price of $725.00 includes the hardware (Atom PC in a 1U rack mount, 2GB memory and hard drive for normal operations), installation, configuration and 1 year of basic support for the product. There are additional add-ons such as Kapersky, additional SPAM filtering, etc for additional cost. Presently, This device is used on our network, and we’ve noticed a decrease in SPAM, and can clearly see traffic usage, and what sites are being blocked for potential security threats. 


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